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Autumn 2009 Issue - Brokerage

"Clients who bought at the top of the market or speculated at the end of the market's rise are now licking their wounds."

The latest edition of the Superyacht Intelligence Quarterlies is now out and available to Superyacht Intelligence subscribers. The Autumn Brokerage issue candidly examines the superyacht brokerage market in relation to the state of the world's wealth.

Following the onset of the global recession, which snowballed from October 2008, clear repercussions have been seen in the brokerage sector of the superyacht market. No amount of figure doctoring or positive spin can disguise the fact that the brokerage sector is at a low, with sale, purchase and charter figures well down from the recent high years.

To find out what is happening and where the market is going, subscribers can download their copy now.
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